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Tiny Metadata Icons
super genius
julzroguenine wrote in graphicsbyjulz
Follow the link below to download (as a .zip file) my metadata icons. If the link is inactive, send me an email and I'll re-upload them. Please comment if you take them.

, ,
, ,

Clicky to Download

The easiest way to put these in your layout is to use kunzite1's mood icon to the left of the metadata tutorial for your specific layout. The tutorials can be found at s2layers and are for paid/perm accounts only. Then replace things as described here.

Rules. Comment. Credit. Enjoy.

~ Julz

Again, fantastic. Downloaded, thank you!

Downloaded! :) Thanks so much.

You're very welcome. Enjoy! =D

WOW! CUTE! Downloading... will credit if used. :D Thanks!

Glad you like 'em! Enjoy! =D

Hiya! These icons are wonderful! I'm snagging them and will credit you if used! Thanks a lot! :)

definitely taking these!
will credit =)

Glad you like them! Enjoy. =)

Cute! I can never get enough of tiny icons! Snagging and will definitely credit when I use, thanks!! :)

Downloaded just for safe keeping! Thank you :D.

I downloaded both batches. Thanks a lot.

Glad you like them! Enjoy. =)

Taking these and the userinfo icons. Will credit, of course!

taking :)

will credit if I use them at my comm xunderyourshirt userinfo.

Snagged these, 'cause they're so cute. XD

I was going for cuteness. =)

I` m downloading them!
Thank you ~ <3

Those are sooo purty! I'm snagging them...thank you so much :))

You're very welcome! Glad you like 'em! Enjoy! =D


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