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Tiny Linkbar Icons
shep - fruity oaty bar
julzroguenine wrote in graphicsbyjulz
Follow the link below to download (as a .zip file) my entry/comment linkbar icons. If the link is inactive, send me an email and I'll re-upload them. Please comment if you take them.


All icons are 12 x 12 pixel transparent .png files.

Clicky to Download

  • Some S2 styles allow you to change the entry link images if you are a Basic or Plus account holder: 3 Column and Boxer(?) are probably the easiest.
  • All Paid/Perm account holders will be able to customize your linkbars through modifying your theme layer. However, I am only familiar with doing this in the Opal (Libra OSWD) style. While coding for other styles may be similar, it would be time consuming on my part to attempt to explain it. So I can't help implement codes for other styles, sorry.
  • Only Paid/Perm account holders can customize comment pages.
Rules. Comment. Credit. Enjoy.

~ Julz

hi! I wonder if those comment/read comment icons can be used in a journal with black background? I'm asking because in IE some tiny icons have a white background and looks bad in a black journals...

If you are using IE7, they should be fine. IE6 or less doesn't support transparent .png files so they'll have a white background. Yet another reason to hate IE, I guess. =/

Took these, thanks! :)

I have downloaded them. Thank you so much, they're great! ♥

You're very welcome! Glad you like 'em! Enjoy! =D

Thanks, those are great!
Hope I made you all warm and squishy inside, just like you wanted. ^^

*feels warm and squishy*
Enjoy! =D

Thank you, will credit when using :)

Glad you like 'em! Enjoy! =D

These are very cute!
T+C thank you ! =)

These are really nice. Going to use them in my icon community, necronomicons. Thanks!

I took 'em. :D ...trying not to sound like a complete idiot (though I kind of am when it comes to theme layers), but how do I apply these? I've tried using a code by kunzite1, but it only replaced the "add comment" and "read comment" links. :\ *is using Opal, btw*


Edited at 2008-01-29 07:16 pm (UTC)

I'll answer your question in opal_help since I'm pretty much the only one who answers theme layer questions over there on a regular basis. Plus, it's a doozy.

Took all 4 'Tiny Icons' zip-files.*is greedy*

Will credit.

Thank you :)

Glad you like all of 'em! =D

(Deleted comment)
Snagging. Thanks! Will credit if used. :)

YAY, I snagged and credited you already. You're a lifesaver!

By the way, is there really no icon for the Flag link? :/

Glad you like 'em!

I made these before the days of the Flag link... But I'm making a new layout for myself and plan on offering up Tiny Linkbar Icons: Take 2. Look for those in the coming weeks. =D

Commenting just the once, to save you email spam, but i've snagged all four tiny icon sets, they are pretty! :D Will credit when use.


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