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Tiny Icon Dump!
julzroguenine wrote in graphicsbyjulz
Here are a bunch of tiny icons that I've made but haven't posted. And since I've gotten some requests for transparent icons that will work in older versions (6 or less) of IE, I included .gif files along with the .png ones.

As always, if any of the links are inactive, send me an email and I'll re-upload them. Please comment if you take them.

Note: If you normally use a browser that supports transparent .png files (like Firefox or IE7), I highly recommend using them over the .gif images.

Entry Linkbar Icons Take 2
They're similar to my other set, but are completely gray-scale. Plus, I added a 'Flag' icon now that that feature has been implemented.
Download Entry Linkbar Icons

Not much different from my first set. The color is a tad lighter. Plus, I added a 'Custom Friends Group' icon and multiple colored 'Private' icons.
Download Security Icons

Other Tiny Icons
I've used some of these as images for sidebar box headers, but there are a couple random ones I just threw in for kicks.
Download Other Tiny Icons

Martini Glass Icons
Other colors are available in the download, but here are a couple examples:
Download Tiny Martini Glass Icons

Tiny Pin Icons
There are 2 sets of pins: one horizontal and one on an angle. As with the Martini Glass Icons, multiple colors are available with the download.
Download Tiny Pin Icons

( Fake Cut to the 'Tutorial on Implementation' )

Rules. Comment. Credit. Enjoy.

~ Julz

I'm stealing (or not, will credit of course) the martinis and the security batch, thank you very much :D

You're welcome! Glad you like 'em!

May I ask how do you change the security icons for Smooth Sailing? I have tried to do it before, but it did not work. Thanks!

Have you tried the layout-specific tutorials found here in everything_lj?

Make sure to change the to, though.

I have mine hard-coded into Opal but I don't know how to hard-code them into Smooth Sailing. If the CSS doesn't work, I can try to mess with the code to help impliment them. =)

Edited at 2008-05-19 09:01 pm (UTC)

Oh, these are so cute! Snagging the martinis, thank you! Cheers :D

You're very welcome! Enjoy! =D

These are awesome. I grabbed them and of course will credit! Thanks.

'Awesome'? *blushes* Glad you like 'em! =D

took this will credit in user info when used :)

Thanks for share. I love those sets much♥.

Glad you like 'em! Enjoy! =D

I googled "livejournal tiny icons" and found this. :) Taking some and also some from your older posts. Thanks! ♥

You're very welcome! Enjoy! =D

These are great! Definitely taking some and will credit when used. Thanks! :)

Oh I absolutely love these, taking the cecurity and other tiny icons, thank you!

You're welcome! Glad you like 'em! Enjoy! =D

OH MY! Thank You for these! :D

I've snagged basically all of 'em, butt i'd LOVE to download the Other Tiny Icons sendspace is sayin' the file isnt available, booo :(

anyhoo ty again!

You're very welcome! =D

I have no idea what's up with that SendSpace error, so I re-uploaded them here for now. Hopefully, that works. =)

Love these! Downloaded the security set + the other tiny icons set. I'd love to download the !Entry Linkbar Icons Take 2" set too, but sendspace says it's not available. :( Will credit!

Glad you like 'em! It might be a SendSpace problem because now it says that it's available (for me at least). If it still doesn't work, I can upload them again, though =)

Would you mind re-uploading the "Other Tiny Icons" set? Thanks in advance! :D

Thanks for the heads-up! You can download them here. =D

Snagging the sets! Will credit if used! :D

snagging the entry linkbar set. will credit of course. thanks!


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